The Easylab Solutions Communicator was designed to be as versatile and as easy as possible to use. We strive to constantly improve and find new and better ways to help you the client.

We hope you will enjoy our product and if you have any queries
please email us at easylabsales@gmail.com


  • The communicator dimensions are 146mm(L) X 95mm(W) X 35mm(H)
  • Quick interchangeable GSM antenna ( SMA Type Connectors )
  • Standard mini usb cable to program your configuration and to update the communicators software
  • Input voltage from 9.0V DC to 36V DC MAX
    Contact ID ( Functions on all alarm panels with Contact ID Functionality )
  • 5 Inputs ( Digital input: High & Low )
  • 3 Outputs ( Output 1 – Onboard Relay / Output 2/3 – Open Collectors )

Easylab Solutions Communicator Features

  • Automatic connection to the cell phone network with any simcard. You can quickly change to a different cell phone network without any programming necessary
  • Up to 5 recipients can receive messages
  • Set a delayed trigger for each input ( from 01 second to 60 seconds )
  • Receive a daily health message ( Unit responding message )
  • Battery high & low voltage trip message ( Battery above & below message )
  • Allow output commands only from specific recipient numbers programmed (Can be enabled or disabled )
  • Output pulse time can be programmed from 01 second to 60 seconds )
  • Prepaid airtime balance received with the daily 24-hour health message ( If the airtime is depleted and the communicator needs to respond it will send you a “please call me” message )
  • You can program a Easylab Solutions Communicator over the air by utilizing another Easylab Solutions Communicator with our Configuration software
  • Status and testing through our Configuration software
    See the following while being connected with the mini usb cable to a communicator:
  1. Network ( ex: Vodacom, Mtn, Cell C & Telkom Mobile )
  2. Units own simcard number
  3. Network Status ( If it is registered to the network )
  4. Signal strength ( See what the signal looks like on site and “Live” )
  5. Current software version ( software can be updated by the user
    through the Easylab Solutions configurations software )
  6. Simcard CCID number
  7. Battery voltage input (ex: 12.60 V )
  8. Trigger any output to test your installation or doing troubleshooting
  9. See the status of the inputs and outputs ( 1-High/ 0-Low / delayed
    triggers programmed will indicate with a countdown timer before
    sending the message ) 

Contact ID
1. Can connect to any alarm system with TIP & RING
2. Can communicate up to 60 Zones
3. Can communicate up to 20 users ( Via keypad )
4. Can communicate up to 5 Partitions
5. Easy and quick Installation & Programming